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In an era where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat, companies have to plan for the long-term and be equivalent. But how? Whatever your business, our esteemed team brings cross-motor expertise and global insights that can help you plan for the future and build sustained success. We believe in outcome driven engagement.

Learning Management System
Man in Library

Advantages of our Learning Management System.

  • Learning Materials: Video, Audio, Animation, GIF, PPT and Text materials

  • Publish online: Web/Mobile Publish your organization projects and papers for effective learning

  • LIVE discussion: A chat window/discussion to discuss the topic or course

  • Forums: Continued information exchange through separate forums

  • Quiz conduction: Immersive game based quizzes can be introduced additionally to keep the learners engaged continuously

  • Evaluate: Effectively perform online evaluation

  • Track attendance: Effectively perform distribution of assignments and online evaluation

  • Record Grades: Easily accumulate, assign and track grades for each trainee

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iZms is comprehensive, intuitive and highly configurable management system. It simplifies your life as an HR and offer your employees a beautiful best HRMS experience. Some of our offerings are as follows.

Human Resource Management System
  • Manage day to day activities

  • Most comprehensive & flexible solution for HRMS & ERP

  • Maintain your human resource base worldwide 

  • Streamlined HR tasks

  • Elimination of errors & risks

  • Data Security

  • Efficient employee management 

  • Cost effective

  • Financial Management 

  • Talent Management

In choosing us as your bespoke software development company, you choose the reliability of years of experience in translating visions into solutions, a customer-centric approach that will put your ideas at the center of planning, an unmatched technically gifted team of experts, and the knowledge that you’ll be 100% satisfied upon delivery. With us, third-party integration is key and you can rely on us for extensive support. Some of the areas we support are as below.

Bespoke Software Development
Computer Programming
  • Customer relationship  management

  • Supply chain Management

  • Enterprise resource planning

  • We respect your intellectual property

  • We hold the technical expertise 

  • We care for after delivery 

If your looking for stable & user friendly software that can help you manage and automate your crusher or Quarry plant and to provide all required reports at glance.

  • Key advantages of our QMS​

  • Vehicle Management

  • Inward / purchase

  • Party master / settings

  • Sales

  • User Management

  • Accounting

  • Graphical representations

​QMS crusher & Quarry plant management software is designed for Indian business. It supports all Indian government norms.

Quarry Management System

Throughout our app development firm history, we have developed a wide array of skills and innovative solutions that continuously feed or web development appetite. We have contributed to our clients success by helping them solve their online challenges and stand out from their competition. Check out our comprehensive set of services below.

Responsive Website
  • Customized iOS android, web application development

  • Artificial intelligence driven business solutions

  • Natural language processing applications

  • GPS based mobile applications

Application / Web Development
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Mold your carrier with iSkillEDGE program

iSkill EDGE
  • Unique benefits of iSkill EDGE​​

  • Offbeat skill training

  • Core Technology Training

  1. 5G - SA, NSA

  2. 4G - LTE, LTE-A

  3. C Language

  4. C++

  5. Java

  6. Python

  7. MongoDB

  • Nature Camp

  • Learn Music

Checkout now and start learning

Pottery Workshop
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We provide management consulting to organizations to improve their performance and efficiency. Our services can help you adapt to todays market dynamics regardless of your threats company faces. To name a few we consult for mining and market world class  granite Quarry, Iron ore in India & Global. Our Global operations extend from China, Hong Kong,  Europe & Central America. And import construction related materials for Global needs.

Our ventures in India begins with iSkillEdge a platform for alternative learning and Indigo Studio for one stop interior solutions. Indian real estate industry is among the heavy contributors to the Indian economy and we play a key role in its advancement by liasoning.

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Bespoke interiors

Bespoke interiors



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